Sling-Shot Trampoline

Children and energetic adults will love playing on the areas only slingshot trampoline. Once harnessed into the sling-shot, the bungee will be tightened, allowing you to jump effortlessly on our trampoline, reaching great heights and showing off to your friends with amazing flips. Children must weigh between 30 lbs. and 160 lbs. to jump on the Sling-Shot trampoline.

Climbing Wall

Test your climbing ability on our four-sided, 32 foot climbing wall. Race your friends to the top, or sit back and cheer on your child as they climb for the summit.


Waterwars® is the ultimate water balloon game. Challenge your friends to a water balloon fight that won’t be forgotten. Man your battle stations and let the fun begin. Using the Waterwars® sling shots, launch balloons at your opponents and see who gets drenched the quickest.

Now including Waterwars Depth Charge System®. Hit the target on your opponent’s battle station and the new explosion system shoots a wall of water onto the opponent. Depth Charge is sure to add tons more fun (and water) to your Waterwars® experience!

Jump Shot®

Take on your friend in a game of basketball….but one unlike you’ve ever experienced!  This game takes place in your own enclosed trampoline “court” where you’ll sore into the air and shoot over your opponent.

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