Wild Acadia Park Rules

Your safety is our #1 concern. Therefore, safety requirements are strictly enforced. Management reserves the right to remove any individual without refund for not abiding by the following park policies:

Park-Wide Rules

  • No rough play or foul language.
  • No alcohol or drugs, nor is the customer allowed to be under the influence of these substances during their stay at the park.
  • No weapons are permitted on the premises.
  • Please respect park property and do not climb on, or through the landscaping.

Aerial Park Rules

  • Minimum age 4 years old
  • Minimum weight 35 lbs; Maximum weight 275 lbs (for general Aerial Park)
  • Maximum weight for zip lines is 200 lbs.
  • Single participants are allowed in the Aerial Park, but must be able to reach a height of 75″ with fingers while standing on tip-toes.
  • If you can’t reach 75 inches with your fingers while standing on tip-toes, you must have a buddy who can reach.
  • Closed-toed and closed-heel shoes required!

Water Slides Rules

  • You must be 45″ tall to use the Waterslides.
  • People using the Waterslides must do so (1) person at a time NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Children under 45″ must wear a life jacket in the pool and be accompanied by an adult.

Go-Kart Rules

  • You must be at least 58″ tall to operate the Go-Karts


  • You must be at least 36″ tall to ride alongside a licensed driver(age 16+) in a double Kart.

Sling-Shot Trampoline Rules

  • Children must weigh between 30 lbs. and 160 lbs. to jump on the Sling-Shot trampoline.

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